Project: Existing open-source projects address the technical challenges of cataloguing and transferring data for a wide range of use cases. However, there is no open-source effort aimed at providing an interoperable, cross-organization framework for data sharing that is built on a common identity model and uniform policy enforcement. This project will integrate with existing data exchange technologies and provide these missing pieces to create a system for data sharing where each organization is able to exert control over how its shared data is used.

A data-sharing system requires a protocol implementation for policy enforcement among participants. The Eclipse Dataspace Connector will implement the International Data Spaces standard (IDS) as well as relevant protocols associated with the GAIA-X project. However, the connector will be extensible so that it can support alternative protocols.

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Background: The Eclipse Dataspace Connector links enterprises from all domains to virtual data spac-es. A data space is a concept that defines the interaction of different technological components to promote cross-company data sharing while adhering to European data sovereignty principles. The participants may be data providers, data users and intermediaries. One of the most important technological components of such a data space is the connector, which links the individual participants and provides the endpoint for data sharing. The Eclipse Dataspace Connector provides a connector framework for sovereign, inter-organizational data exchange. The framework contains modules for perform-ing data query, data exchange, policy enforcement, monitoring, and auditing. The Eclipse Dataspace Connector is an extensible, portable, platform independent multi-cloud framework to create a system for data sharing where each organization can exert control over how its shared data is used.

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Join: Across the economy, companies are using digital technologies to pivot into innovative services, accelerate growth, and transform business processes. Data assets play an important role in this modern economy. To share this data, new technology is needed that supports openness, interoperability, extensibility, sovereignty and transparency. The newly developed Eclipse Dataspace Connector is that technology. The open-source project was initiated by Fraunhofer, Daimler, BMW, Deutsche Telekom, Microsoft, Amazon AWS, SAP, ZF Friedrichshafen and supported by GAIA-X AISBL as well as the International Data Spaces Association. All other stakeholders across the industry, academia, and government are encouraged to join and contribute to this truly open and IPR-free project that is governed by the Eclipse Foundation. The Eclipse Foundation offers a technical environment for Eclipse Dataspace Connector's future growth (governance, licensing, and intellectual property management). As a European foundation, it fits the value proposition of Eclipse Dataspace Connector and related initiatives of GAIA-X and IDS as well as it is a well-known trusted partner to all partners initially involved in the project.

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