Project: The Dataspace Connector is an open-source system for sovereign data exchange based on usage policies within and cross-organizational. The Dataspace Connector helps you overcome concerns about trust and fear of sharing your data with your partners to create the ecosystems that are essential to future business models. Even after your data has been shared, you remain in control of what happens to it.

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Use Cases: The architecture developed by the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft creates a framework that allows the data-providing company to exchange data with other companies while maintaining control over the data's dissemination and use. The IDS Connector, which forms the interface between companies and their transferred data, is an essential component of this model. As an example implementation, the Dataspace Connector can be built up on existing IT architectures and used to test and establish the principles of International Data Spaces in industrial use cases.

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IDS Initiative: The International Data Spaces initiative empowers open data marketplaces for business. It thus creates the framework for true data sovereignty in an industrial context and serves as an essential component of a data infrastructure in and for Europe. The International Data Spaces are an important part of a secure data infrastructure and therefore a key technology for innovative applications of Artificial Intelligence. They contribute to the future competitiveness of the economy and to social prosperity.

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