Please find detailed information about the Dataspace Connector project below. On this page, we give you an insight into successful use cases and information about the companies that are already using the Dataspace Connector.

The Dataspace Connector (DSC) is an open-source system for sovereign data exchange based on usage policies within and cross-organizational. The Dataspace Connector helps you overcome concerns about trust and fear of sharing your data with your partners to create the ecosystems that are essential to future business models. Even after your data has been shared, you remain in control of what happens to it.

Based on the foundation of the International Data Spaces reference architecture, the DSC enables to take data exchange within digital ecosystems to the next level. By extending the data with policies and conditions, that can be created, processed, controlled and enforced, the DSC is a core component for building data spaces according to the DIN SPEC 27070 standard.

By using the most recent and established technologies, the DSC can be integrated into existing software systems with minimum effort to easily enhance them in terms of data sovereignty. The Java application has a REST interface that allows data to be easily added, made available, and accessed by other connectors. Metadata and data can be securely transmitted using the IDS Information Model, identity certificates, and TLS encryption. The technical implementation of defined usage policies ensures that your data is only processed in the way you allow it.

Please take a look for yourself. Get involved in the development and help making the DSC suitable for industrial applications.